Ассамблея экономики Республики Узбекистан
Non-Govermental organisation that supports local business development and assists investors
Members of the Assembly of Economy of the Rebublic of Uzbekistan

The Assembly of Economy embodies over 35 local associations hailing from various sectors of the industry. Its unique interconnectedness between local businesses and non-governmental organizations represents a harmonious convergence of interests. This brings together a diverse range of professionals, resulting in a dynamic and collaborative community, promoting the spirit of cooperation and sustainable development.

Communication with the government agencies such
as the Administration of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Cabinet of Ministers, the Senate of the Oliy Majlis, along with the ministries to bring forth the proposals and occuring problems of associations and entrepreneurs to the highest authorities.
Partnering with member associations of the Assembly we establish contacts with kindred organizations abroad. These connections serve as conduits, facilitating the exchange of business delegations between us and our overseas counterparts. Our ultimate aim is to cultivate productive and mutually beneficial partnerships between our entrepreneurs and those from overseas. By joining forces, we open up new possibilities for growth, innovation, and global collaboration.
The Assembly of Economy serves as a unifying force by bringing together over 35 distinct associations, forging a path towards a harmonious collaboration that is mutually enriching. This confluence of industry experts paves the way for an unparalleled level of communication and productive partnerships, resulting in an expansive network of like-minded individuals who share a common drive towards success.
We're committed to fostering partnerships between public and private sectors to support entrepreneurs. Our innovative initiatives and economic, legal, and entrepreneurial expertise empower every entrepreneur.
Main Functions Of The Assembly
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Assembly Projects
Assembly Services

Assembly will facilitate its members development in FIVE directions, Prices quoted here are on a 3 month contract basis. For a 6 month contract, individual packages cost $125 and $100 on a 12 month contract.
International Relations Package

Relationship Management: Build and maintain relationships with international partners, stakeholders, and customers.
Language and Communication: Facilitate communication across different languages and cultures, including translation and interpretation services (upon request).
Grant and Funding Opportunities: For certain sectors (e.g., nonprofits, research institutions), the IR department monitors international grants, subsidies and funding opportunities.
Event Participation & Organization: Invitations to events and organizing events, seminar or workshops that offer opportunities to engage with international entities (upon request).

Per Month
Development Of Member Associations/Companions Package

Accounting services: providing services of a team of accountants to fully or partially maintain financial reports required for submission to the government.
Legal services: providing basic services of a team of lawyers to the member on its request.
Solving personnel issues: providing assistance in the selection of personnel for member associations and their companies.
Visa support: In some cases, association members require a visa to visit Uzbekistan, Assembly will provide documentations and ensure visa acquirement (will include extra fees established by the government for application and visa issuance).
Per month
Government Relations Package

Policy Advocacy: Advocate on behalf of the organization to influence government policies, regulations, and laws that impact the organization's interests.
Relationship Building: Develop and maintain relationships with government officials, politicians, regulators to foster mutual understanding and collaboration.
Strategic Communication: Represent the organization's views, concerns, and interests in discussions with government agencies.
Education & Training: Keep organizational leaders and stakeholders informed about relevant governmental issues, trends, and changes.
Event Participation & Organization: Attend or organize events, seminars, or workshops that offer opportunities to engage with government officials.
Grant and Funding Opportunities: For certain sectors (e.g., nonprofits, research institutions), the GR department monitors governmental grants, subsidies, or funding opportunities.

Per month
Internal/Local Relations Package

Internal Communication: Ensure open, clear, and consistent communication amongst the wide community of its member associations.
Local Partnerships: Foster partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and institutions to further the organization's goals and contribute to community development.
Internal Training & Development: Organize workshops, training sessions, and team-building activities to enhance employee skills and improve team dynamics.
Event Organization: Plan and execute internal events/team-building activities/local community events that align with the organization's objectives (upon request).

Per month
Media Department Services Package

Media Planning and Buying: Research, plan, and buy advertising space across various media outlets, ensuring the most effective placement for the organization's message.
Public Relations: Handle communications with the media, including press releases, interviews, and media queries.
Content Creation: Produce content for different media channels, including text, broadcast, and digital.
Promotion of events: Promotion of the organization’s events through the official pages of the media and social networks of the Republic of Uzbekistan at the following channels:
1. Through MTRK and non-state and non-commercial television and radio channels;
2. Uzbekiston 24 (TV channel)
3. Yoshlar (TV channel)
4. Madaniyat va marifat (TV channel)
5. Menig Yurtim (MY5) (TV channel)
Multimedia Production: Produce videos, podcasts, and other multimedia content for promotional or informational purposes.

Per month
Full Service Package

In this package we provide full support including International Relations Package, Development Of Member Associations/Companions Package, Government Relations Package, Internal/Local Relations Package and the Media Department Services Package. All of this with a dedicated member of staff representing your company at all times within the Assembly to ensure fast and efficient service across all facets of support.
Per Month
Our Team
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
  • Mukhtor Umarov
  • Asila Nematova
    Executive Director
  • Mastura Tagaeva
    Advisor to the Chairman
    Grants Manager
  • Saidabboshon Saidaliev
    Advisor to the Chairman
    Chairman of the "Neftegaz" Association
  • Komil Ikromov
    Deputy Chairman
    Chairman of the Agrobiznes Association
    Founder of agrocooperatives
  • Yorqin Malikov
    Deputy Chairman
    Chairman of the Exporters Association
  • Sarvar  Mirzaev
    Deputy Chairman
    Chairman of the Miners Association
  • Aziz Ergashev
    Deputy Chairman
    Chairman of the Alternative Energy Association
  • Farrux Tursunov
    Deputy Chairman
    Founder of a business incorporation company "Rafiq"
  • Azam Djuraev
    Deputy Chairman
    Executive Director of the Arbitrary Court under the Assembly
  • Ruslan Sodikov
    Deputy Chairman
    Founder of a law firm "Gulyamov, Sadikov & Partners"
  • Sayfulla Nasriddinov
    Deputy Chairman
    Scientist with over 30 publications on "Scopus" journal
  • Zakir Usmanov
    Executive Director of the Scientific Research Centre under the Assembly
  • Bobur Siddiqov
    Chief Project Manager
  • Zayniddin Shamsiddinov
    Chief Specialist
    International Relations Department
  • Muhammaddiyor Orzikulov
    Press Secretary
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