Members of the Assembly of Economy of the Rebublic of Uzbekistan

The Assembly of Economy embodies over 35 local associations hailing from various sectors of the industry. Its unique interconnectedness between local businesses and non-governmental organizations represents a harmonious convergence of interests. This brings together a diverse range of professionals, resulting in a dynamic and collaborative community, promoting the spirit of cooperation and sustainable development.


Aoikai Group owns more than 130 affiliates in Japan, such as hospitals, geriatric health care facilities, PET examination centers for cancers, cancer treatment centers, clinics, group homes, home nursing care support facilities, university, specialzed training college, nurseries, and like, now over 10,000 staff members work in the medical institutions and facilities within the Group.

Bureau Veritas
Bureau Veritas is a “Business to Business to Society” services company. Its mission is to shape trust between businesses, public authorities and consumers.
As a world leader in audit and certification services, Bureau Veritas supports 400,000 clients to be more efficient, more methodical and more trustworthy in their journey towards more sustainable business and a more sustainable world.

Iman Invest
By investing its capital into trade deals with minimum risks, IMAN Invest empowers its investors to reach their financial objectives quickly, offering potential returns of between 27-31% per annum.

Management Development Institute of Singapore in Tashkent

Management Development Institute of Singapore in Tashkent was established in 2007 by Uzbekistan Banking Association (UBA) and the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS).
Namangan International University
Namangan International University is an institution that caters to the academic and personal growth of students. The university provides a wide range of courses and programs that are intended to meet the diverse needs and aspirations of students.
An online learning platform that offers a diverse range of courses and programs in various fields. The platform is dedicated to providing high-quality educational resources and training that help students develop valuable skills and knowledge to succeed in their careers.