Assembly of Economy of Uzbekistan collaborates with its esteemed partners to develop and implement projects to uplift the investment potential of our nation and contribute towards the betterment of our community.

We strive to create initiatives that are thoughtfully designed to facilitate sustainable growth, harmoniously integrating economic viability with social welfare. Our conscious efforts are directed towards realizing the fullest potential of Uzbekistan, aligning our objectives with the goals of our partners to catalyze societal progress through impactful and meaningful investments.

We are convinced that nurturing prosperity begins with assisting and enhancing the lives of our fellow citizens, and we remain resolute in our commitment to ensure the holistic development of our society.

Kelajak Sari
Building Future
The Assembly and the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) have embarked on a joint project aimed at training students in different spheres through the guidance of seasoned professionals. The project is comprehensive, with the aim of providing businesses with qualified and trained employees by offering job opportunities to such students. The project focuses on training students in different fields of expertise in conjunction with industry professionals. The professionals are carefully selected from various industries, and they bring several years of experience and knowledge to the table. Through their expertise, they are equipped to provide students with superior training and insight into different areas of business. One of the objectives of the program is to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of students. This goal is achieved through practical training, with professionals providing students with hands-on experience in their respective fields. Through this approach, students receive in-depth knowledge of the industry and are better prepared to tackle real-world scenarios. Another significant aspect of the joint project between the Assembly and MDIS is job creation. The program aims to provide businesses with trained and qualified employees.

As such, students who successfully complete the program are offered job opportunities in their area of expertise. This approach is mutually beneficial as it facilitates the provision of skilled labor to businesses in need of qualified employees, and it also provides students with job opportunities upon the completion of their training. Furthermore, the project is a testament to the commitment of both organizations towards ensuring a brighter future for students and the community as a whole. It reflects their focus on innovation, progress, and growth in different spheres of life. By imbuing students with the essential knowledge, skills, and work ethic, the program is an excellent step towards enhancing the quality of life for the community. In conclusion, the joint project between the Assembly and MDIS is an exceptional initiative aimed at providing students with the relevant training and knowledge required to excel in their respective fields. Through the guidance of seasoned professionals, students receive practical training that gives them a competitive edge and helps them to develop into well-rounded individuals. This collaborative effort is a positive stride towards providing businesses with trained, qualified employees while also enhancing the economic growth of the community.
  • Mastura Tagaeva

With an impressive 28 years of experience in project management, Mrs. Tagaeva boasts a vast and varied professional background. Her expertise was honed through 15 years of service in numerous esteemed international organizations, ranging from UNIDO and UNDP, to IREX, USAID, CHF, JICE, the Embassy of Malaysia, the Malaysian Faculty of Business Management, GIZ, IPD Sequa, ITM GmbH, and STS. Mrs. Tagaeva also serves as a skilled business consultant and reanimator, adeptly guiding struggling companies out of crisis and stagnation, while expertly advising start-ups on best practices for success. She is a highly sought-after business trainer for project management, lending her esteemed expertise to the Simul Train program offered by Switzerland's STS company. Beyond her impressive professional accolades, Mrs. Tagaeva is an accomplished exporter, facilitating the shipment of high-quality textiles and dried fruits to Germany. Additionally, she spearheaded the establishment of the Studienkolleg, operating under Germany's prestigious ISBA University, in Uzbekistan, cementing her status as a visionary leader in the field.

Chamber of Advocates
Protecting interests
With Uzbekistan experiencing rapid growth and continued reforms in the realm of entrepreneurship, the demand for unbiased, objective, and fair judicial scrutiny of commercial disputes stemming from contractual relationships between local and foreign parties is ever-increasing. Responding to this need, the esteemed Arbitration Court, operating in partnership with the Chamber of Advocates of the Republic of Uzbekistan and under the guidance of the Assembly of the Economy of Uzbekistan, was established on May 21, 2021. This move was prompted by the recent enactment of the New Law "On International COMMERCIAL Arbitration," recognized by UNCITRAL and signed by President Sh.Mirziyoyev in February 2021.

The Arbitration Court at the Assembly of the Economy of Uzbekistan prides itself on providing a premier level of assistance to both its members and those individuals seeking legal support in disputes originating from commercial relationships - irrespective of whether they are contractual or non-contractual in nature. The illustrious arbitration court team is made up of the highest-grade experts in Uzbekistan, whose expertise allows them to deliver unparalleled levels of premium service.
  • Azam Djuraev
    Member of the Chamber of Advocates of Uzbekistan

With over thirty years of experience in the field of legal assistance, Mr. Juraev has established an exceptional reputation in providing expert support to businesses of all sizes, providing comprehensive support designed to help businesses navigate the complexities of the legal landscape in Uzbekistan.

His expertise includes registration and re-registration of businesses in any form of organizational and legal structure, including IP, JV, PE, LLC, JSC, DP, UP, and more. Moreover, accreditation and organization of foreign company representative offices in Uzbekistan, obtaining of specialized licenses, and management of investment activities while safeguarding investor interests.

Mr. Juraev also has extensive experience in drafting commercial contracts, conducting legal audits of companies, and representing clients in state bodies and courts throughout Uzbekistan.

Protecting interests
The creation of an industrial park in the Chirchik district of Uzbekistan, in partnership with the renowned OSTIM Industrial Zone of Turkey, is an ambitious undertaking that offers tremendous promise and potential for investors seeking to establish production facilities in a well-supported environment.

Backed by the government, the Assembly of Economy of Uzbekistan has secured an impressive 140 hectares of land in the Chirchik district, a prime location just 25km outside Tashkent's city centre, and intends to use it to develop an innovative industrial park. The plan is to create an industrial zone based on the OSTIM model, which has received critical acclaim for its exceptional performance and success in Turkey.

Foreign investors looking to participate in this landmark project can rest assured that success is highly likely, given the full support and assistance of the Assembly. The industrial park project represents a unique opportunity to establish a production facility in Uzbekistan under exceptional conditions. With this innovative model as a solid foundation and the support of the Assembly, the prospects for a successful project are excellent.

This project is poised to be a game-changer in Uzbekistan's ambitious industrial development plans. As a foreign investor, you will have the opportunity to tap into the country's vast potential, while receiving expert support throughout the process. This landmark initiative invites foreign investors to be a part of Uzbekistan's journey towards increased economic growth and prosperity.
Providing insights
The Assembly of Economy's unique project, Assembly TV, is a visionary initiative aimed at producing informative news and videos with in-depth market overviews of Uzbekistan. The project seeks to offer a comprehensive insight into the country's economic landscape, highlighting the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, providing updates on legislation and offering a comprehensive look into business in Uzbekistan.

Assembly TV's vision is to ensure that entrepreneurs and business professionals in Uzbekistan are well-informed, to identify opportunities for growth, and to foster a conducive environment for economic development. With a team of competent journalists and videographers, Assembly TV will provide insightful market overviews of Uzbekistan, in which entrepreneurs are up to date about the latest trends, opportunities, and challenges, including those, specific to local business practices.

One of the primary objectives of Assembly TV is to provide a reliable and comprehensive source of information for business professionals in Uzbekistan. This is a crucial element in facilitating entrepreneurship in the country and establishing an environment friendly for investment. Through Assembly TV, entrepreneurs and business practitioners can access updates and reliable information regarding the country's legal and regulatory environment. The platform, therefore, represents an important milestone for economic development in Uzbekistan.

Assembly TV, is a forward-thinking initiative that should go a long way towards providing business professionals in Uzbekistan with access to reliable market analysis, updates on legislation, and expert insights into the country's overarching business environment. Through this project, entrepreneurs can stay informed, establish competitive business practices, and contribute to the sustainable economic development of the country.
  • Zuhriddin Rayimjonov