"Together we will achieve unprecented development in the shortest possible time"
Mukhtor Umarov
Chairman of the Assembly of Economy
of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Members of The Assembly of Economy
of the Republic of Uzbekistan
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The Assembly is constantly working to reach major agreements
with various local and foreign organizations.
With an unwavering commitment to seek out innovative approaches and a shared recognition of the collective benefits that would accrue from a strengthened bond of collaboration, the parties engaged in thoughtful and productive discussions centered on identifying methods for forging ever-greater levels of cooperation
Meeting at the Assembly
The associations chairmen, experts, and representatives of the construction industry assembled as a unified force to address the most pressing issues that loom over the industry, embarking on a collaborative journey of exploration, seeking out solutions to overcome the challenges ahead
Signing a partnership agreement with Uzbek Leasing International AO
We are excited about this new venture and look forward to promoting our joint services and building stronger relationships and interconnectedness.
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Assembly chairman visited the centre of the Japanese Language Training Center AOIKAI
AOIKAI provides language training up to the N4 + level and basic practical knowledge, which will further allow continuing language training and knowledge of care in geriatric homes and hospitals of AOIKAI Medical Corporation in Japan.
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Joint project on professional training for students of MDIS
A promising project has been launched along with some of the best experts in the country to provide quality training for students
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Foxconn Group and MOHIRDEV discussed ways of collaboration and possible investment opportunities
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